Quirky Perks

Adding that quirk to the monotony, we bring out the sass and soul in your everyday essentials. We think there is no such thing as too much shopping, which is why we are constantly churning out new Quirky Perks for you to bag in. There is always something to give that extra push to your love for adorable stationery and to give your desk situation a new landscape. There is something to add to your wardrobe, as well as your abode and a little something to take to your swim. You see? We are talking real perks here, of course, with a side of quirky!

Our Team


Nishant Shah - Founder

Nishant, our founder, who also holds a penchant for water sports, is a sucker for stunning sunsets and Gin and Tonic. He is a certified Scuba diver and a part time chef who will never say no to day drinking. Besides making marketing decisions and sourcing vendors, he also runs operations and accounts, of course by staying true to his quirks.

Mansi Patel - Creative Director

The brain where all the creative ideas brew – Mansi deservingly wears the badge of the Creative Director of Quirky Perks. She is the one who manages to keep it in sync with the latest trends and whips out ideas for new products/categories to launch every 15 days. She thinks artsy but she speaks sassy and cooks lip-smacking pizza sauce, which is to die for!

Zeenia Engineer - Graphic Designer

Never dull, always content – Zeenia carries an aura of light-heartedness at all times. She wears hippie for her personality and an attitude that suggests her high on life. This reflects in her mock ups and quirky art that speak for her creative acumen.

Soham Joshi - Amazon & Flipkart Ac. Manager

Soham, who fancies solace a little too much and appreciates personal space, likes to be left alone when he is working. But mind you, when you give him some peace of mind, you’ll also receive some astonishing results in return. He manages and overlooks all the workings of our Amazon and Flipkart account and does so with precision.

Dinesh - Office Help

The Behind-the-scenes of all the hustle – the packing, the errands, the appointments and schedules, and all the nitty-gritties is what Dinesh takes care of like a boss. Safe to say, his name echoes the most in our workplace.